4 MICE trends in 2020

4 MICE Trends in 2020

The MICE industry is constantly changing and so are the trends. Following the MICE trends will not only allow you to stay on top of the game but also make your events unique. Luckily, working with hundreds of clients from all over the world allows us to constantly monitor the tendencies, so if you are planning an event in 2020 here are some trends you should be aware of and get on board with.

1: Sustainability

In 2020 sustainability will continue as a growing trend. However, the sustainability in the meetings, incentives, conferences, and events of 2020 should not be limited to managing the usage of plastic. It should take a step towards even more sustainable solutions.

How to add more sustainability to your events:

  • Use local suppliers for catering which are sourcing seasonal ingredients.
  • Opt for sustainable hotels and venues.
  • Use environment-friendly means of transport such as bikes, e-scooters, solar panel busses.
  • Incorporate CSR elements to your teambuilding.

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2: Authenticity

The demand for authenticity is bigger than ever. Guests want to have honest, transparent and real experiences when they visit the destination for leisure as well as business purposes.

How can you accommodate this demand:

  • Incorporate local entertainment elements during your events such as folk performance or a local artist. Doing so you will not only provide your guests with a one in a lifetime experience but also promote local heritage.
  • Promote local cuisine where the dishes are not only made with locally sourced ingredients but also promote local cuisine.
  • Hold your event in the historic venue, special for the destination to promote historical heritage as well as a unique setting for the evening.

3: Bleisure

If you have not heard about the phrase “bleisure” – you are missing a lot. This unique concept describes a combination of the business and leisure trips where the event organizer is not only the coordinator of the event but can provide a unique insight into the destination from the leisure perspective.

How to incorporate the leisure elements into your events:

  • Add spa access for the guests to increase their comfort.
  • Provide cultural interactions for memorable activities.
  • Incorporate local elements that will add to the experience and allow them to familiarize themselves with the destination.

4: Well-Being

Business travel does not mean only long days in the meeting room without even stepping outside the facilities. Promoted by the bleisure movement and by the growing mental health awareness, this emerging trend of incorporating well-being elements to the conference program takes on fast with more and more followers.

How to ensure your next event incorporates such elements:

  • Add a wellbeing zone – tech-free and quiet spaces for participants to relax in between sessions.
  • Provide group activities such as meditation or yoga classes.
  • Opt for wholesome meals powering the brain.

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