5 places you should experience in Norway

Do you love nature?

Scandinavia is known for its variations within nature when it comes to lakes, fjords, mountains, hills etc.. One country, in particular, is known for its captivating views and places to either visit, climb or simply take in when traveling, namely Norway. The country has some of the most unique surroundings in the countryside in Scandinavia, and we have found the top 5 places you should experience once you visit Norway.

1. Sognefjord

Sognefjord is to be found on the west coast of Norway and is actually known as the longest and deepest fjord in Norway. The towering cliffs in the deep water and its interesting waterfalls along with the small village-looking houses make this fjord a beautiful experience for travelers.

2. Preikestolen

Preikestolen is the place to be if you love hiking and is the most popular viewpoint in Norway with its two thousand feet high flat-topped cliff. The granite plateau can be reached through an uphill route which can take you up to three hours depending on how far you wish to go. However, once you finally reach the end of the route, the views that you get to experience will be worth the whole thing, especially if you are obsessed with big sceneries.

3. The Atlantic Road

The Atlantic Road is one of the areas that would require a vehicle for the ultimate experience. Once you arrive, you get to drive through an archipelago of islands that also contain sharp curves that could be demanding once the waves from the sea start hitting the corners of the road as well. This road is perfect for you if you want to go from island to island without using a boat or plane and is to be found on the west coast of Norway.

4. Lofoten Islands

Lofoten Islands are situated in the northwest of Norway. If you wish to see these interesting places, be prepared for a full day of traveling to get there either by boat or plane, however, it is worth it. With their stark and steep mountains along with the cleanest water you’ll see that reflects the beautiful sky, Lofoten Islands are ideal places to visit if you either love canoeing, kayaking, hiking or if you like being adventurous in general. Voted the most beautiful place in all of Scandinavia by our CEO Bent Hadler!

5. Geirangerfjord

Being over 9 miles long and under 1 mile wide, Geirangerfjord is seen as the king of fjords in Norway. If you do not feel like hiking in this extraordinary place, simply going around the fjord or finding a spot to sit and take it all in, will still be enough for you to enjoy the trip. With its several unique waterfalls along with some of the most scenic hiking trails in the world, Geirangerfjord has also been awarded a UNESCO World Heritage site, which is granted to places that are of cultural or physical significance. In other words, you would not want to miss out on experiencing this place no matter what you decide to do once you arrive.