6 Reasons to visit the Faroe Islands

Why do I need to visit the Faroe Islands?

Even though they do not fill up much space on a map, the Faroe Islands is Europe’s hidden gem. If you are not convinced yet, you will be after having read through these 6 reasons!

Outstanding beauty

Because the islands are volcanic islands, these type of views is quite common with their windswept mountains, crashing waves, and their jagged coastlines. Naturistic beauty is the first impression you get when you travel around the 18 islands. One moment fog is rolling down the mountain – the next the sun is bathing the grassy hills in golden rays of warmth.

the Faroe Islands – outstanding beauty

Heartwarming and cozy capital

Being that the capital Tórshavn only consist of 20.885 citizens you could easily get around this interesting city by foot. To fully engage in this beautiful city, you can either explore museums, see the bright colored houses and their unique architecture (anyone wants to mow their roof?!) or visit the old center of Tórshavn.

Waterfall from the fantasy novels

If you want to experience this picture-perfect waterfall that falls over the cliffs of Vagar Island we understand. The green hills of the Gásadalur village as a background makes one jealous of its inhabitants, so do not miss out on this waterfall once you visit the Faroe Islands.

Effective transportation

Due to the Islands solid infrastructure, one does not need to worry about going from place to place. The sub-sea tunnels that connect the islands and paved roads that cut through mountains will not make the trip a hassle! Plus, you’ll get to experience amazing landscapes while moving around.

Can’t forget hiking!

For the nature-lover, this place should not be ignored. The slender island, Kalsoy, with its vertical cliffs is perfect for hiking. To get an even better view, hike to the Kallur Lighthouse which grants a panoramic view of 5 other islands, so do not forget your camera!

Faroe Islands Illusion

Experience the largest lake in the Faroe Islands, Lake Sørvágsvatn, that will play the illusion game for the eyes. This unique scenery looks like it is perched hundreds of feet above the ocean and tilts outwards, but the lake is only 90 feet above sea level, so the cliff in front of the water gives the floating appearance, along with a high camera angle to add to that image.

Just see this picture which got praise from Visit Faroe Islands when we were visiting the Faroe Islands last year.