6 Scandinavian Events and Festivals You Don’t Want To Miss in 2019

Festivals in Scandinavia 2019

There are a lot of great festivals and events in Scandinavia and it’s impossible to cover them all. Here are 6 events and festivals you don’t want to miss in 2019.


Cheese Festival Stockholm, February 2019

If the thought of parmesan, feta, mozzarella or any cheese basically makes your stomach smile, you shouldn’t miss this (cheesy) festival!


Helsinki sauna day Finland, March 2019

A sauna experience should be done at the Sauna capital itself. Helsinki has its own day dedicated to saunas, and you should celebrate with them this year!


World Village Festival Helsinki, May 2019

World Village Festival is one of the biggest happenings in Helsinki, come see the exotic culinary experiences and cultural exhibitions from all over the world for the annual event!


Icelandic National Day Iceland, June 2019

The people of Island celebrate their national day in style! If you visit during summer, you’ll definitely experience the extravaganza in a proper Icelandic way.


Hans Christian Andersen Festival Odense Denmark, August 2019

Join the world of fairytales when the H.C. Andersen Festival opens its doors for lots of cultural, historical and eventful shows anyone can enjoy! Perfect for a proper Danish culture experience.


Island of Light Smögen, Sweden, September 2019

How about a beautiful visit to the Island of Light next time you’re in Sweden? The breathtaking light show in nature surroundings awaits!

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