A Scandinavian Michelin star record!

The Danish cities Copenhagen and Aarhus have certainly made their mark on the Scandinavian culinary map. A record breaking 18 Michelin stars have been awarded to both destinations, making this a first in the Scandinavian region.

NOMA kept their second star, and so did Geranium and AOC received their second of the kind.

This is a hallmark of the dedication the Danish restaurants have to providing their guests with experiences above the ordinary. And we are proud to be working with many of the on a regular basis.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to a star spangled Scandinavian foodie country.


Noma: 2 stars

Geranium: 2 stars

AOC: 2 stars

Restaurant Frederikshøj: 1 star

Grønbech og Churchill: 1 star

Relæ: 1 star

The Red Cottage: 1 star

Søllerød Kro: 1 star

Era Ora: 1 star

Kiin Kiin: 1 star

Kokkeriet: 1 star

Formel B: 1 star

Kadeau: 1 star

Clou: 1 star

Marchal: 1 star

Studio: 1 star

Gastromé 1 star

Substans 1 star