Adreneline in Copenhagen

Adrenaline in Copenhagen

Adreneline in Copenhagen


Copenhagen offers exciting and thrilling activities in the city and its surroundings, so whether you are looking for an adrenaline kick, a fun and playful day or just an experience out of the ordinary, there is plenty of opportunities here.

High roping forest

Climb the outdoor high roping course filled with obstacles between the trees. Different scenarios offer different challenges from a height of 10 meter to 22 meters above ground. The course offers great fun and an excellent way to do team building and push boundaries.

High roping in Copenhagen

Take flight

Imagine if you could fly? Imagine if you could control your movements through the air, without the risk associated jumping from a plane. Well Copenhagen offers just that experience. Body flight is a unique way to feel like you are soaring through the air feeling free. The wind tunnel in Copenhagen is blows a constant stream of air, giving you the feeling of being weightless, allowing you to learn how to fly without leaving the ground.

Take flight in Copenhagen Air Experience

Quite time in the sky

Enjoy the peace of the skies, as you take of in one of the beautiful hot air balloons. While the air is getting thinner, the view keeps getting better. Gaze upon the landscape of Denmark, while you drift below the skies towards Malmö in Sweden.

Hot Air Balloons flight near Copenhagen

Water is Blue, Wind is Green

Hop onboard the RIB boat, as we take you out of the vast sea of Oresund, speeding past the old forts. The combination of speed, water mist in air, and the scenery will leave you breathless. Along the tour, you will see one of Denmark greatest windmill parks with over 20 windmills.

Tra a Rib boat in Copenhagen Denmark