An invitation to Scandinavia – and why you should visit!


What really makes Scandinavia stand out is the outdoors and the seasons which are rarely greater anywhere else than in Europe’s big northern countries. The huge expanse and many options in the wilderness make you want to see more of these countries. Whether you want to see lakes, forests, hiking spots, mountains, volcanoes, etc. – Scandinavia has it all!

The magnificent coasts invite you to engage in the beautiful sceneries with various animals from bears to whales that await if you are one of the fortunate observers that day! Basically, the smell of nature, cold climate and striking atmospheres mixed with a classic Scandinavian breeze do not make you think twice about wanting more outdoor experiences!

Also, the solid experience of each season leaves a noticeable impression when visiting the Nordic countries, and whether you want long winters with thick snow, skiing and subzero temperatures that may create a challenge or the long days during summertime filled with lots of festive activities such as festivals, terrace get-togethers or nice walks on beaches were the sun does not become unbearable, but sufficient for you to still get a sense of summer – Scandinavia is the place to be!

City Style

The vibrant capitals in Scandinavia are usually the top things that draw people in when wanting to explore these countries. The modern architecture spread out in every area mixed with old, traditional and historical contexts is what makes it so fascinating. The 21st century urban living with beautiful museums, the café and “hygge” culture, restaurants that have received worldwide acclaim mixed with an intriguing nightlife that really illustrates the Scandinavian’s approach to having a good time all show how the Scandinavian way of living really sets them apart from the rest of the world (oh and live music from local acts here and there is a given as well to come across).

Green choices

If there is one thing that describes the Scandinavian countries in a nutshell, it’s the words like eco-friendly, sustainability and everything in between, because those things have been an important part of the Scandinavian lifestyle for decades now. What these countries do so strikingly well, is their views and methods on sustainable living and them creating solid solutions for that, which actually stick and do not become gimmicks for tourism purposes!

Like anywhere else in the world, the Nordic countries will most likely become affected by the climate changes happening today as well, however, their vision of making sure they reduce the damages as much as possible is something all of the countries have in common. While visiting and exploring the beauty that is Scandinavia, you will definitely be witnessing the amount of effort and protection there goes into developing green living and eco-friendly living for the Scandinavian people in every area and context such as the use of electric bikes, and it all makes the traveling experience much more enticing as well as a pleasurable enlightening holiday!

So, when you decide to visit the Nordic countries, this is something you should look forward to noticing/experiencing and hopefully it’ll inspire you to incorporate the same values in your everyday life, the Scandic way!