Best Places to See the Northern Lights

The must-see phenomenon if you visit the northern destinations of Scandinavia during the winter: The Northern Lights also known as Aurora Borealis.

If you have any doubts about visiting Scandinavia, the Northern Lights should change your mind. Here are some brief facts about The Northern Lights and its uniqueness, which could help make it a must-see for your trip!

One of the natural wonders of the world

The Northern Lights are considered one of the natural wonders of the world. In order to see them, one must travel to either the north or south pole to experience an interesting view from mother nature. Iceland, Greenland, and the Northern parts of Norway and Finland are perfect destinations for travelers, who love to see the combination of beautiful mountains, open fields and nice scenery all at the same time.

The scientific explanation

The way the lights actually appear has a scientific explanation since they are caused by the glow of particles released from the Sun and as they enter the atmosphere of the earth the various colors appear due to gas particles colliding while slapping into Earth’s magnetic field in the process. When the bright lights enter the atmosphere, they appear as something that seems to have no beginning and end, and that is because of their enormous size. To give you an idea of just how big this wonder from nature is, satellites claim that the Northern Lights are so bright that they could be seen if someone was looking at them from another planet. So why not see them up close for an even crazier experience for your next Scandinavian trip?

When to see the Northern Lights?

Another fact that should be mentioned is that if you want to witness the lights when they are at an absolute high in the northern hemisphere, you should visit Scandinavia during winter time, where they are exposed the most. This means, that you would have to go between the month of September up until March. If you choose to travel to Scandinavia after March, chances are the lights may not be that visible.

Where to see the Northern Lights?

To get a nice view of the Northern Lights, travelers can get the best view from the northern parts of both Norway and Finland, as well as all of Iceland and Greenland. However, it is said that the area known as Lapland in Finland, can give the best experience for travelers looking for a winter wonderland journey!