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ADMC renewal 2017-2020

We are very proud to still be an ADMC! Our DMC continues to be recognized as meeting the standards and criteria that are indicative of the highest quality destination management service providers. “ADMEI and the Destination Management Company Accreditation Commission would like to recognize Hadler DMC Scandinavia for renewing your Accredited Destination Company (ADMC) designation. …


Thank you everyone for your warm birthday wishes

Thank you everyone for your warm birthday wishes! I am really touched and deeply grateful for all the greetings I have received and for all the people who had the opportunity to attend my reception. Here are some photos from a day that I will never forget. I thank you all from the bottom of ...

Birthday Reception for CEO Bent Hadler

Yes – I would love to attend the party and celebrate Bent!Clik here Details Date: 30th of March 2017 Time: 14:00 – 17:00 Location: Vinspecialisten Køge Address: Brogade 7, Koege – Denmark

New local offices

New Local Offices In All the Nordic Countries A growing economy and the increased awareness towards reliability and safety, causes Hadler DMC Scandinavia to open new local offices in three of their seven destinations. “Strike while the iron is hot” In recent years, the MICE industry has seen an increase of corporate clients, who wish …


Association of Danish Leisure- and Business Tourism Agencies

New Association of Danish Leisure- and Business Tourism Incoming Agencies We are very proud to announce that Hadler DMC’s CEO, Bent Hadler DMCP CIS, has been elected as chairman of the new Association of Danish Leisure- and Business Tourism Incoming Agencies. For the first time, danish leisure- and business tourism agencies, have gathered in an …


Hadler DMC represented by TravelMarketing in Benelux area

Hadler DMC represented by TravelMarketing in Benelux area Open a bottle of Danish Schnapps, wave the flags of Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Denmark. The start of a new year, promises a start of new adventures and friendships. Starting the January 1st, 2017, Hadler DMC has paired with TravelMarketing, a leading network based in Amsterdam, to …


ADME International Excellence Winner

How To Win The ADME International Excellence Award ”Hard to believe it’s been over a month since our fabulous trip to Norway! I have worked with many DMC’s in the past and I must say you are one of the best…..the attention to detail……the questions you asked to insure you understood the group and the …


ADME 2016 Excellence Awards Finalists

Hadler DMC Scandinavia staff is getting more and more excited! Only few weeks from now it will be known if we have won the Achievement Excellence Award for what we do so well! Follow the awards at


Hadler DMC – A part of a Hosts Global Alliance success in Boston!

The annual Hosts Global Forum in Boston was a huge success. At Hadler DMC Scandinavia we are proud of being a part of the success. Watch the 3 minutes video from the event by clicking the below link. Full report HGA Forum    


Did you know this about the Danes?

Doing business in Scandinavia is can be easier than you might think. The Danes have now been ranked as the world’s best non-native English-speakers, this makes it easier for business people and travelers to get access to the Danish market, and communicate in an effective manner with the target audience. Language barriers can be some …

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