Denmark – Wine Education in Unusual Conditions


Denmark – Wine Education in Unusual Conditions

Wine is French, wine is Spanish, wine is Argentinean and wine can be many other great nationalities, but are you aware that wine can also be Danish?

The Danish people are known for their eagerness to learn how to do something differently. A few years ago, Danish microbreweries gained popularity both domestic and abroad for their niche in size and taste. Danes’ food and restaurants which have won praise from chefs and critics alike since the development of New Nordic Cuisine in 2004, and now Danish wineries are gaining ground as a niche wine experience and market. In the last 15 years, the wine yards have slowly been growing year after year – both commercial and hobby winemakers alike.


Since wine yards are uncommon in Denmark, we at Hadler DMC will focus on making an educational wine tour for you and your group. Our deepest desire is for you to travel home much smarter and much more educated about wines, than when you first stepped foot on Danish soil. Maybe you will learn a trick or two, and start growing your own stock in your backyard. Try our incentive, which offers a unique wine experience near Copenhagen.


Wine education

Feel the breeze

First stop on the educational wine tour is Kelleris Vineyard situated in North Zealand, so close to the coast of Oresund that you can smell and feel the breeze. The vineyard primarily grows red wine grapes, and the tour guide will educate your group about the difficulties Danish winemakers face, when growing red wine grapes in a colder climate. During the tour, there will be tasting of the vineyards’ award winning wines such as the Utopia Rondo from 2008.

Organic wine

Next vineyard on the journey to the wine-fountain of knowledge is Vexebo Wine, which is the only Danish 100 % organic vineyard – no artificial fertilizers and no chemicals. Here the tour guide will explain and teach your group about, which qualities wine growers look for, when they want top quality organic grapes that can resist both weather and different kinds of pests. At the end of the tour, you will acquire the taste of authentic organic Danish wine, both red and white wines from grapes such as Regent, Monarch, Solaris and Johanitter. Vexebo Vin is a proud supplier of organic wines to high-end New Nordic Cuisine restaurants in Copenhagen such as Geranium, Kadeau and Amass.

Prince Consort Henrik

Prince Consort Henrik at Kelleris Vineyard

Dine near Fredensborg Palace

To end off the educational wine tour, you and your guests will be invited to dine at Store Kro, in the surroundings of Fredensborg Palace. If the walls could talk, you would hear a tale or two, about the kings and queens who have visited the inn since 1700. Learn and taste New Nordic Cuisine, which are a variety of the delicious dishes made with local, seasonal ingredients, but prepared in new and interesting ways.

Bring your group to Denmark, Copenhagen, and get your wine education! It is an experience, which we can almost guarantee, you are the first to try among your friends and colleagues.

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