European Green Capital Award Winner of 2019: Oslo

European Green Capital Award Winner of 2019: Oslo

The greenest cities in Europe

The capital of Norway, Oslo, is joining its Scandinavian neighbors as one of the greenest cities in Europe in 2019! With this award and acclaim, Oslo will be working even harder for an improved and sustainable life for its inhabitants and tourists. However, this acclaim is not the first time Oslo got praise for its way of doing things. Oslo is already the world’s most electrically powered capital which means that there are no other cities besides Oslo that use more electric cars (so you won’t have to worry about the environment when commuting around the city as a visitor). And if you prefer public transportation, Oslo is adding 70 new electric buses next year so no matter what you pick, the environment will be safe!

World-class environmental values

The citizens’ love for the surrounding woods, fjords, islands, parks, and rivers has enabled Oslo to maintain world-class environmental values. So, in 2019 Oslo will make sure that they step in as a role model for other cities in that regard. The city believes that by sharing its experiences and solutions for how to create a viable society, they’ll invite and inspire the rest of Europe to figure out how to proceed into the future in a green fashion. The emphasis will be on people and communities creating a better urban life through hard work and creativity, and Oslo will also be celebrating themselves. When you arrive in Oslo, you’ll most likely be greeted with the sustainability theme, because throughout 2019 Oslo will colour the city green and provide Oslo’s residents and visitors with festivities as a way to incorporate everyone in this big change.