Europe’s first underwater restaurant opens in Norway

The first underwater restaurant in Europe, called Under, is placed beneath the icy waters of the North Atlantic in Lindesnes, Norway.

There are already under-water restaurants around the world, however, this one will be different from the rest because of its aim to portray the uniqueness of the northern waters and it is poised to be the largest underwater restaurant in the world, with room for 100 guests.

Architecture and design

As seen on the images, the building is designed as a rock formation where it looks like it’s coming out of the sea, and guests will enter at the surface before going down the stair to dine at five and a half meters below water.

The dining room is submerged in darker blue and green tones which are inspired by the seabed, seaweed and rough sea. When dining at the restaurant, the guests will be enjoying a panoramic view of the ocean floor where they can take in the rarely seen marine ecosystem which includes lobsters, seals, spiny dogfish, seaweed, kelp and many more.

The water next to the building will even have lightning arrangements, which enables the guests to enjoy the view even during more troublesome ocean conditions, however, the creators of the restaurant have taken that into consideration which means that it is designed to withstand the wild Norwegian weather conditions.


The menu will, of course, be highlighting the delicious varieties of the pulsing sea, and there will be created dishes that really capture the essence of the pristine Norwegian coastline with its rich and abundant natural resources. These will include local ingredients like sea rocket, sea kale, wild mushrooms, berries and more!

The concept will consist of anything from 15 to 18 servings in both small and large portions to really emphasize the variety of ingredients that will be incorporated.

What is also unique about the restaurant Under, is the changing menu cards due to the fact that the dishes the guests will be enjoying are seasonal, and they will not always know what they are being served because it depends on what time of the year they visit, which also adds an element of surprise to the whole under-water dining experience.

Don’t forget to book now if you cannot wait to try this captivating place out, because according to the restaurant you may need to wait a year and a half to enjoy these delicious cuisines!