a sunset in Lauttasaari Helsinki Finland

Explore paradise – Lauttasaari Island in Finland

Close to central Helsinki

A couple of minutes from the city center of Helsinki, the district and island of Lauttasaari is to be found. By taking the metro, you can explore this walkable island which is full of nature, peace and nice sceneries.

Be Recharged

Even though it has 23.000 Finns that live there and is only under 4 km wide, you can easily move around and explore without being bothered. This is the place to be to recharge after you have completed your daily events, activities, etc. And it makes you want to stay!

A nice shoreline that surrounds the island will take you through beaches, parks and forested paths. The island is lavish, but you will find everything you need to complete the day whether it is coffee shops, pizza or even pharmacies.

A peaceful atmosphere

The Island is populated with children, adults, and pets who can be spotted enjoying the nature and weather, and the place inhabits such a quiet and peaceful atmosphere, which makes you feel like you are all alone at times. The ability to move around an Island in peace, exploring with your inner nature-loving self, with gorgeous scenery all around you that a camera can’t really take in the same way the eyes can. How great is that?