Exploring Aarhus

Why you should explore the hidden gem Aarhus, also known as the second biggest city in Denmark after Copenhagen!

The city of Aarhus which can be found at the island known as Jutland started developing back in the 8th-century as a Viking settlement. But what the city has succeeded in doing throughout time is creating a proper mixture of the old and historic parts of the city blended perfectly with modern day life in several aspects and beautiful surroundings all right next to the Baltic Sea. In fact, the city of Aarhus got so much recognition that it won the award for the European Capital of Culture in 2017, and that international attention was surely earned when you take a look at what the city has to offer and how much you can actually absorb from its Scandinavian atmosphere, scenery, history, culture, and places to explore.


When wanted to explore this old Scandinavian town, the gastronomy would be something for everyone to enjoy while there. From its inventive food markets by the river to its traditional eateries where smørrebrød (also known as open sandwiches) would be very much present for you to try out, in the best Danish way possible! Besides that, you can also explore the very enhanced restaurant scene that includes several bars and cafés that are adorned with Michelin stars, so no reason not to sink your teeth into the Danish cuisine while you are there!

Culture, shopping, architecture

With its great shopping opportunities among the pedestrian alleyways with shops and small malls and interesting architectural designs, the streets of Aarhus make sure that there is plenty to explore while out-and-about because getting lost in some of Aarhus’ back streets is the best way to venture through the cultural richness and diversity of the city. Also, before you leave do not forget to try out the delicious sweet called “Danishes”, seems fitting to try out Danish pastry in Denmark itself while enjoying the nice atmosphere in the busy streets of Aarhus.


Whether you are into historical and art museums, a harbour (which is at the heart of the city centre), visiting old churches, beaches, or nice nature areas like a big garden – Aarhus has plenty to offer in terms of spending time outdoors! So, after you are done for the day with either meetings, events etc. you should try out one of those things or perhaps all of them depending on how much you want to explore! One thing is for sure, you will find something captivating no matter what you choose from this historical, cultural and unique city.