Fantastic ADMC news!

It is with great pleasure that we now can announce that Hadler DMC Scandinavia is a ADMC (Accredited Destination Company).

This means that we are now one of Europe’s top ranking Destination Management Companies!

The ADMC is awarded on basis of the following:

“ADMEI’s Destination Management Company Accreditation program is designed to elevate professional standards and designate firms that demonstrate advanced knowledge and experience essential to the practice of destination management. Your DMC has been recognized as meeting the standards and criteria that are indicative of the highest quality destination management service providers.”

Hadler DMC Scandinavia could recently celebrate our 30 years anniversary we see this at testament to the fact that our loyal and faithful customers appreciate our high service level.

Thank you ADMEI for the accreditation, and thanks to all our friends and partners for the support. We will be working hard to maintain these standards in the future.