Finnish Lapland - Above the Ordinary

Finnish Lapland – Above the Ordinary

Home to Santa Claus and his reindeer, the Finnish Lapland captures the essence of a true fairytale Winter Wonderland. Enjoy the taste of reindeer, with the fat-free, healthy and savory taste, ride with the sled dogs into the night and see the most beautiful sight nature can offer mankind – The Aurora Borealis. A secret incentive destination and a unique non-mainstream filled with contrasts.

Northern conditions have made Lapland a mystical place. The unique connection with nature offers unforgettable experiences. Lapland sensitizes, refreshes and soothes you. The atmosphere is genuine and relaxed it feels good to live and be here. The region is a fabulous attraction that inspires both residents and visitors alike. Experiences of Lapland is immediate and its impact is unforgettable!

Wild and Free

During the summer, nature speeds up. The buds burst forth, blossom and then explode into a million vibrant colors. That’s how you’ll feel too! And thanks to the magical Midnight Sun, the experience continues 24/7. Summers allows for activities such as river rafting, hiking with huskies, Nightless Night jet ski and much more.
Winter allows for activities such as Northern Lights snow scooter safari, Ice-carting and riding sleds with huskies and stopping to grill sausages. Lapland is the cleanest corner of Europe. Lapland has been proven to have the purest air and the cleanest wild food such as reindeer, game, fish, berries, and mushrooms. Due to the bedrock, the soil is naturally very pure.

Silence, Please

If an active lifestyle is not for you, then there is also something for the guests who needs to recharge the batteries. The quite nature of Lapland lays the foundation to finally find inner peace and hear yourself again. Try some of the relaxing activities such as ice-fishing, where a hole is drilled into the ice on the river, or sweat out ALL the stress in a sauna.
Did you know, you most likely know a Finnish word? Sauna is the only Finnish word that is internationally accepted in other languages. Sauna is such a big part of the Finnish culture it can’t be compared to anything else. Sharing a sauna with someone is about bonding, about discussing real issues – no small talk. In Finland, major decisions get made in saunas, not boardrooms. Throughout history, there has been no Finland without sauna.
Lapland offers great opportunities to get away from the hectic, ever-accelerating rhythm of daily life. Space, time, peace and quiet – the four elements modern life lacks.

Recyclable Hotel (video below)

Arctic Snow Hotel sleeps 70 guests and is one of the largest in the Nordic region. This spectacularly magnificent hotel is carved each year to be different in appearance. The walls and furniture surfaces of the unique rooms are decorated with ice art and illuminated artwork. The room temperature is 0–5C°, but using the sleeping bags intended for extreme conditions combined with reindeer furs, you can be sure you will stay in warmth and comfort. On the shores of the lake the moonlight, stars, and Northern Lights illuminate the silent, Lappish nature.
Lapland also offers the wonderful opportunity for guests to experience nature’s very own nightlight. Close to the Arctic Circle, next to Arctic Snow Hotel you will find the tranquility of the glass igloos. Staying overnight in a glass igloo feels like sleeping in the open, but inside the igloo, it is just as warm and cozy as a hotel. The igloo village is set in an opening surrounded by pine trees, sufficiently far away from the city lights, making ideal conditions for watching the Northern Lights and enjoying starry skies. Have a good night’s sleep as the Aurora Alarm searches the skies for you: once the Aurora Alarm has woken you up, all you need to do is open your eyes, look at the night sky and enjoy the sight from the comfort of your bed.

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