Four Danish restaurants are now represented on the list among the world’s best

Danish gastronomy is (still) standing strong on the world map. This became even more evident after last night’s revelation of the updated list of the world’s best restaurants by Restaurant Magazine.

Although Noma in Copenhagen travelled from first to third place, it is still in the very top of the world restaurant league.

Another great restaurant; Relæ, has moved from 53rd place last year and up 45th place this year. Also the restaurants Geranium and Amass on the list of the top 100 best.

” The Danish gastronomical strength has again been recognized internationally. The success can strengthen our ability to attract more visitors and create growth in Denmark. Therefore we are very pleased that we this year have four Danish on the list. “says Terkel Riis-Jørgensen, political consultant at the Danish Chamber of Commerce.

Here at Hadler DMC, we are as ever thrilled about the progress which the Nordic cuisine is making, and we believe it will make Scandinavia even more attractive to our clients around the world.

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