Iceland – The place to be

Land of Fire and Ice

Iceland is the home of extreme and breathtaking geological, stark contrasts and landscapes. It is the land known as the “Land of Fire and Ice” due to its glaciers which are some of the largest in Europe combined with the world’s most active volcanoes with striking visuals. Iceland is also the realm of light and darkness, with summer days that practically have 24-hours of sunshine and winter periods with only very few hours of daylight.

The reason the island has so many beautiful volcanoes stems from the geographic placement, due to it being situated on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge there are 130 volcanoes all together where 30 of them have active volcanic systems that run through the island waiting to be explored. Overall it is safe to say, that if you want to explore and see anything related to nature Iceland should be your go-to spot, since the island contains lots of glaciers, mountains, fjords, parks, waterfalls, beaches (with black sand as well) and of course the famous volcanoes and the lava fields.

Clean environment

The people of Iceland also have one of the highest life expectancies in the entire world. One of the reasons for that is said to be the very clean environment the Icelanders live in combined with a lifestyle and healthy diet which consists of quality raw materials that are farmed, bred, and caught in unpolluted areas whilst produced with intense care.

The steady winds and the North Atlantic oceanic climate make room for top-notch air quality in the country, which could also be added to the list of high life expectancies. Since Iceland is famous for its water and ice landscapes, the drinking water’s quality is also higher than usual due to freshwater rivers that stream down the beautiful mountains and glaciers in Iceland. Thus, making it perfectly safe to drink the water straight from the source, in fact, it is highly recommended to do so.

A life-changing experience

In general, the unique country that is Iceland is seen as one of the most eye-opening and life-changing experiences for visitors who come and experience this peaceful land that has some of the most beautiful areas, landscapes and nature in the world that makes it an unforgettable trip!

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