Learn and Taste Sustainability


Learn and Taste Sustainability

Sustainability is no longer just a PR move. More companies are managing sustainability to improve processes, pursue growth, and add value to core product, rather than focusing on reputation alone. Tour through Copenhagen and become educated in sustainability.

Copenhagen is one of the greenest cities in the world, and is continuously working toward becoming the world’s first CO2 neutral city by 2025. At Hadler DMC Scandinavia we want to educate clients about the green initiatives in Denmark, and we would therefore like to offer our clients an educational trip around Copenhagen. On the tour your group will learn how different companies integrate sustainability in their daily operations and business concept. In Copenhagen, you will not only learn and see how being “green” is accomplished, but also taste that being green does not equal dull and tasteless food experiences.

Sustainability is also one of 4 MICE trends in 2020

Green Key Hotels

Copenhagen has quickly become one of the greenest cities in the world. Hotels in the city has adapted the process of thinking green into their short and long term strategies. The city offers its guests a chance to stay at one of the greenest hotel in the world, and a finalist in the Energy Globe World Award 2015. This spectacular international hotel blends modern Scandinavian design features with a green way of thinking. Solar panels on the side of the hotel produces 170.000 kWh per year, and the hotels groundwater-based cooling and heating system have reduced the energy consumption used to heat and cool by almost 90%. Sustainability is the keyword, and is integrated within all features of the hotel – from the fitness facilities, to the cooking.

Other hotels have adapted the sustainability, by using products that have a lower impact on the environment than their alternatives. These hotels aim to set a high standard in sustainability through ecology. The best at upholding the standards receive the “Golden Ø”, which is only given to Danish restaurants and cafés with a percentage between 90-100 in organic produce.

Veggies and No Waste

Restaurants in Copenhagen are also trying to reduce their waste, in order to become more sustainable. For an example, one restaurant tries to use every ingredient from the animals they order to avoid any kind of waste. Another positive side effect of this is that the menu is changing from day to day, as the menu is determined on what the local organic suppliers produce that day. The guests will always be pleasantly surprised by the ever-changing menu. Variety is the spice of life!
Instead of using meat as “the guest of honor”, another restaurant has made concept that stands out in the crowd – a good share of veggies, and a little meat on the side. By reducing the amount of meat, the restaurant is reducing their CO2 footprint, by ordering much less meat. What makes this extra interesting is that the Chef decides and chooses the dishes for your table, based on what ingredients is in season, and what the kitchen finds extra delicious at the moment. The restaurant thrives to be 100% organic, and has received the “Golden Ø” for efforts.


Near Carbon Neutral Transportation

If Copenhagen had an official vehicle, it would be the bicycle. The busiest biking lane has up towards 40.000 cyclists passing by daily! At first it seems overwhelming to foreigners, but it will soon become apparent that bikes are a very important way of transportation. 50% of all Copenhageners commute by bike to work or study. Try the “iron horse”, and join a guided tour through the streets of the city, and watch how the culture and suburbs change throughout the tour. We guarantee you that a bicycle tour will bring any group to sightseeing locations, where buses cannot.

Copenhagen is a city spread in between islands. The sea has always been an important part of its identity, culture, and way of living. A must-try, while in the city, is a boat tour along the canals. Gain a unique experience and enjoy the city, the waterfront and the beautiful, cozy canals by eco-boats. Silent and solar cell powered boats, equipped with a table in the center, lets your group enjoy a little voyage down the canals, while enjoying their lunch or a picnic basket.


Satisfying the Urge – Sustainable Shopping

The age of consumerism is nearing an end, and sustainability is the new focus. But how does Copenhagen combine the need for shopping, and the desire to stay green? Well, look around the city and you will find plenty of shops, cafés and markets, who specialize in producing quality organic products for the “green shopper”. Find all the special, unique, and interesting shops that hide in the side streets and alleys. You can find Denmarks first and biggest organic perfumery, who specializes in organic beauty care, hair treatment and make-up. Here are also plenty of clothing stores who only sell clothes that are produced in compliance with green environmental rules in mind. Every clothing is made with material, which are the least harmful to the environment as they are being produced.

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