New Local Offices

New local offices


New Local Offices In All the Nordic Countries

A growing economy and the increased awareness towards reliability and safety, causes Hadler DMC Scandinavia to open new local offices in three of their seven destinations.

“Strike while the iron is hot”

In recent years, the MICE industry has seen an increase of corporate clients, who wish to secure the quality of their MICE programs, as well as the safety of the guests attending. This means that the DMC’s must have intimate knowledge of the destination through local representation, quality-focused, and prepared with event emergency procedures. Therefore, CEO & President Bent Hadler DMCP CIS is set to improve the quality of the destinations, to ensure a very high standard of service.

Hadler DMC Scandinavia is proud to present our opening of three new local offices in Finland, Faroe Islands and Iceland. Our new local country managers will be the client’s point of contact, for all MICE requests for our destinations.


“Event Emergency Preparedness is the trending topic in the industry right now. Our dedication is to meet the professional standards acknowledged by the ADMC. We evaluated the needs for reliability and safety, and came to the conclusion that it was time to open local offices in Reykjavik, Tórshavn and Helsinki. This guarantees a consistent corporate policy and high level of quality across all of our seven destinations, which would not be possible using local third-party business partners.”

Faroe Islands

Although small and remote, the Faroe Islands are packed with unique and authentic adventures for every kind of visitor. The setting is a colourful and truly stunning place. The Faroese nature is very real, always challenging you to explore it by sea or land. Just be ready to give it an open mind and you will have the experience of a lifetime.

Maria Christensen is the country manager responsible for the Faroe Islands. With more than 20 years experience in the event industry, Maria is excited to show the unspoiled nature of the Faroe Islands, as she knows the destination is perfect for MICE groups who seeks fresh unique experiences.


Finland – where East meets West – has more to offer than meets the eye. Finland is divided into The Great Four, four distinctive regions which make it easier to understand the possibilities the destination can offer MICE clients. The regions consist of Lapland, Lakeland, Helsinki, and Coast & Archipelago.

Jyrki Nilson is the country manager responsible for Finland. Starting as a tour leader in 1987, he quickly travelled around the globe selling Finland as a top destination and creating events for a VIP clientele. Jyrki is also an animal lover and has five rescue dogs and six rescue cats.


“The Land of Fire and Ice”, formed only 25 million years ago, is one of the youngest landmasses on the planet. Iceland is a land where extremes meet all year around. Active volcanoes, raging rivers and waterfalls, colossal glaciers and simmering hot springs, makes this destination a must visit destination.

Àgúst Elvar Bjarnason is the country manager responsible for Iceland. He was nine years experience in the industry, making tailor-made proposals for MICE groups, and has extensive knowledge of the secret experiences of Iceland. Some say the Icelandic sagas foresaw the birth of this red-bearded gentle giant.


Head over to Meet The Team, and meet your local country managers, as well as rest of the team.

If you are interested to know more about the destinations, please contact Hadler DMC Scandinavia.  Do you plan to have your next event in the Nordic region? Then send us your RFP and receive a tailored proposal for any of our 7 destinations in the Nordic region.