Scandinavia in the lead of Global Destination Sustainability

According to The Global Destination Sustainability Index (GDS-index), Scandinavia has seven of the top-ten destinations in the world!

The GDS-index is calculated in four different categories:

  • Environmental performance
  • Social performance
  • Supplier performance
  • Convention Bureau performance

Environmental performance

A very important aspect of the GDS-index is the destination’s environmental performance. This is measured by examining aspects like a destination’s air quality, use of energy sources and the performance of public transport and waste disposal infrastructure. Did you know, Copenhagen is pushing forward to be the world’s first CO2 neutral capital by 2025?

Social performance

In a holistic approach to sustainability, the GDS-Index factors in the social performance of a destination, including elements such as the city’s United Nations Human Development Index and ranking in global corruption indices. Did you know, Norway is ranked the best country in opportunities to realize satisfying work and lives.

Supplier performance

For an events industry-specific analysis, the GDS-Index evaluates the sustainable practices of industry suppliers such as hotels, caterers, and venues. Did you know, Reykjavik, Iceland, was named the Best MICE Destination of 2017 in Europe?

Convention Bureau performance

The role Convention Bureaux play in the sustainability performance of their destination is central to GDS-Index benchmarking. Convention Bureau performance is based on their sustainability strategy and reporting, the client support offered and their role in promoting sustainability in the industry. Did you know, the Faroe Islands took the matter into their own hands and developed as a way to teach visitors their language?

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