Scandinavia – The Complete Experience

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Scandinavia – The Complete Experience!

Since the earliest of times, the Scandinavian countries Denmark, Sweden and Norway have a special bond between each other. Our culture and history goes back way before the Vikings, and even though we still share many similarities, we are in so many ways also different in our own ways. This bond and difference between our kingdoms, gives us the opportunity to provide a sometimes overwhelming experience like no other.

Denmark; The land of green hills, ecology and happiness greatly differs from its brother nations. Denmark is mostly flat, with the highest point only being 171m above sea. What it lacks in fjords, icy mountains and colder weather, it makes up for in innovative concepts, development of sustainability in many areas of Copenhagen, and a people who constantly thrives to make wonderful experiences that last forever.
Known for being the “Happiest Country in the World” and the term “Hygge”, which loosely translates to cozyness, the Danes are also highly educated and healthy people thanks to their unique tax and welfare system.

Sweden; Characterized by its long coastline, extensive forests and variety of landscapes, it is the perfect mix for those who seek to visit a more Nordic kind of climate. They are also known by some as the “Land of Unicorns”. This is due to the Swedish involvement in developing new technology, and has triumphed with online innovations such as Skype or Spotify. Sweden is the perfect destination for broadening your knowledge.
They are the first European country to establish national parks, and anyone, under the Right of Public Access, is entitled to hike forests and fields, as long as they respect the natural environment and private property. They are properly the most worldwide known of the three countries thanks to ABBA, IKEA and the popularizing in American entertainment medias.

Norway; Known for its astounding beautiful nature, fjords and mountains is a rare gem in the Nordic hemisphere. Norway’s nature is such a sight that words cannot describe in full. The rugged coastline is filled with 50.000 islands, and a vast number of fjords, such as the UNESCO Geirangerfjord, which was carved out during the ice age. Norway in a Nutshell is an indescribable sight.
While every Scandinavian nation has their history and culture originating from the Vikings, Oslo has dedicated several museums to their ancestral heritage. Visit the Viking Ship Museum, Kon-Tiki or the famous Fram museum, which can even host an arctic inspired gala dinner on the deck!

Three Kingdoms – One Family

Denmark, Sweden and Norway are unique in several ways by themselves – but what makes a visit to Scandinavia a true experience filling trip, is being able to visit the three kingdoms in succession and see, taste, smell and feel the similarities and differences between these proud nations.

Whether your group would like to study the Scandinavian way of life, photograph magnificent sight, reward the employees with an extraordinary incentive, or offer the whole company a grand Gala Dinner with everything included, Denmark, Sweden and Norway can offer the whole package. From nature to services, the countries have for decades made several improvements to preserve the nature, promote sustainability, and uphold a high standard in every sector.

Hadler DMC Scandinavia, your local DMC in all of Scandinavia, has since 1984 not only organized MICE groups through Denmark, Sweden and Norway, but actively engaged in making every guest feel like they are a part of the Scandinavian family. We offer customized proposals tailor suited for each MICE group. Ask for an RFP today, whether you want need congress services, grand events that delivers the message crystal clear, or an extravagant incentive, which sends home any guest full of experiences and a feeling gratitude.

Feel free to contact us and let’s make a complete experience for you!