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In 2007 The Faroe Islands where rated as the most appealing island destination by National Geographic. The strong cultural integrity, which is reflected in the activities and attractions of The Faroe Islands, was admirable to the travel experts from National Geographic.

Due to the remote location between the Norwegian Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, The Faroe Islands have managed to keep the old Norse language, regional dishes and traditional folklore music alive. Today, there are still villages of stone houses with grass growing on the roof-tops and churches dating back to the 12th century.

Whether you are travelling for incentives, meetings or teambuilding, we aim to give you an experience at least as good as the one travel experts from National Geographic found!

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Greenland is the biggest island on Earth and offers a great variety of nature, wild animals, ancient history and vitalizing experiences. Greenland is often remembered for the massive icebergs, Northern lights flashing on the winter sky and the deep fiords and it is a unique experience to watch the ever changing icebergs floating along the coastline.

The old hunting culture is still very much alive. Fishing is popular both at sea and in the rivers or maybe you want to hunt reindeer, musk ox and small game. Sledge dogs can take you to where cars cannot go and you can get the feel of the wild and vast nature of Greenland.

In the Southern parts are some of the best preserved Greenlandic ruins. In the museums you find both the Inuit culture and some from the Vikings. With their traditional clothing, songs and stories, the Inuit have kept their culture alive and you can still experience the arts, the traditions and the gastronomy today.

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