Scandinavian Golf Secrets

Scandinavian Golf Secrets

Did you know Scandinavia offers exciting and challenging experiences for all golf players? Whether you are a professional Ryder Cup player or a little league amateur, Scandinavia have some of the most memorable golf locations in the northern hemisphere. Besides the Danish courses, here are a few unique destinations worth visiting.

Midnight Golf

  1. Midnight Golf

No longer do you have to stop in the middle of your perfect game due to the sun setting. Iceland experiences 24-hour sunlight every day during the months of June and July.

Remote Winter Golf

  1. Arctic Circle Golf

Challenge your yourself and friends to a game of golf on a frozen lake. Rovaniemi in the Finnish Lapland offers its visitors the chance to play a golf game like no other golf course can. Just remember colored balls.

Sweden’s Finest Green

  1. Sweden’s Finest Green

Not far away from Stockholm lies Bro Hof Slott. Ranked the best golf course in Scandinavia, thanks to its challenging long courses and high-quality service, it is a must visit for any golfer visiting Sweden.

Arctic Circle Golf

  1. Remote Golf

Golf where none of your rivals has golfed before. On the Faroe Islands, the secret destination of Europe, you are never more than 3 miles away from the sea. The wind is a factor that just enhances the experience.

World’s Coolest Golf Course

  1. World’s Coolest Course

Fresh, untouched, and peaceful. Norway’s Lofoten Links is an out of this world golf destination, which combines golf with raw naturistic elements such as endless mountain ranges, deep glacial fjords, and everchanging coastlines.

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