Sharp Contrasts Meet in Iceland

Iceland sharp contrasts

Sharp Contrasts Meet on Iceland

Iceland, “The Land of Fire and Ice”, formed only 25 million years ago, is one of the youngest landmasses on the planet. Iceland is a land where extremes meet all year around. Iceland is a country of sharp contrasts. Active volcanoes, raging rivers and waterfalls, colossal glaciers and simmering hot springs, makes this destination a must visit destination.

With only a 5 hours flight from U.S. East Coast and 4 hours from Central Europe, it makes the country the perfect spot to meet in the middle, whether for a conference, meetings or an incentive.



Iceland is scattered with active volcanoes, geothermal geysers and large glaciers. For those who seeks an physical active experience, Iceland offers glacier hiking, crystallake snorkeling, and icewall climbing. If you enjoy a relaxed adventure through Iceland, we recommend The Golden Circle, which highlights the beauty of the rugged and stony nature. You can soak in one of the hidden hotsprings, enjoy the rainbows formed by the massive waterfalls, or taste the world’s best tomato soup, grown and produced Iceland.


In recent years, Icelandic restaurants have soared to the top of the food critics’ lists. The most important parts of Icelandic cuisine are fish, lamb and dairy, supplemented with simple local seasonal ingredients to highlight the New Nordic cuisine the Nordic cuisine has become known for. In 2017, Iceland got it’s very first Michelin restaurant called Dill.


Icelandic culture is shaped by isolation and the extreme forces of nature. This has created a resilient people, where family are closeknit, the sense of tradition is strong, and the bond with the nature is tight.

In 2017 the Iceland is one of the most trending destinations for travellers around the world. A combination of raw nature experiences, a development of Icelandic cuisine, and local tratidions and customs, provide incoming travellers a unique mix of authenticity. As travellers have become more aware of keeping a healthy lifestyle, the tourism industry in Iceland has grown exponentially, and it has no sign of stopping the the coming few years.

Iceland waterfall

Iceland Dragon Rock

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