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Lloyds TSB was looking for an unusual itinerary to suit a small, exclusive group of clients, essentially as a reward for major deals closed over the previous 12 months.
While the program itself was only for two nights, it needed to include outdoor adventure as well as high-end hospitality. “We had to think about why they were travelling,” explains Bent Hadler, chief executive of Hadler DMC.

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Copenhagen`s mix of fine dining and water-based activities appealed to Lloyds, and we did put together a lively itinerary.

“Denmark has so much coastline, so it made sense to include something on the water,” says Hadler. “Likewise, the city sets very high standards with its restaurants.”

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The group was based at the freshly renovated Hotel 27, a central property that gave good access to nightlife, shopping streets and the Tivoli Gardens. After arrival and check-in, participants were transferred to the Amaliehaven harbor side for an hour-long RIB boat ocean race. Suitably energized, they were then treated to a rickshaw tour of the city before an evening of traditional food and beer-tasting at Nyhavn.

The following day started with a 50-minute journey to Roskilde, where the group was met by Viking ships for a hands-on sailing experience in local waters with on-board instructors. This was followed by a tour of the nearby Viking Ship Museum, lunch and a coach back to town, where the group joined the Old Night Watchmen of Copenhagen for a themed walking tour.

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The evening kicked off by wrapping up warm for a cocktail in the hotel`s Ice Bar, before participants headed to Paafuglen Restaurant in the Tivoli Gardens.

The following morning was given over to free-time for brunch and shopping, before a farewell Danish lunch at Domhuskaelderen Restaurant and a transfer back to the airport.

“We chose Copenhagen because we thought it was a different, unusual destination that would be somewhere interesting, which it proved to be,” says Bernie Boyles, acquisition finance at Lloyds TSB Corporate Markets. “The feedback from our guests was positive – they all seemed to have really enjoyed it.”

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