Top 6 reasons to have your next event in a Scandinavian castle

Kronborg Castle in Denmark

Host your event in the history and homes of the Scandinavian Royal and Noble families, past and present, and create a memorable moment for your attendees that leaves a great lasting impression. Here are six top reasons, why you should consider castles for your next great event.

1. HistoryScandinavia has some of the most impressive castles in the world. All with historic significance, using a castle as the venue for your next event is a sure way to make the event memorable, through attendees snapping photos of the fantastic venue and decorations.

2. Hospitality Focused
Make your guests feel more than just guests. Make them feel like noblemen and -women. Castle staff are often more hospitality focused than traditional venue staff, due to the atmosphere and the surroundings of the venue and event.

Tjolöholm Castle in Sweden

3. Quiet and Intimacy
Castles are often located in quiet surroundings, which fills the atmosphere with a sense of peace and intimacy. Castles are a perfect way to host y

our private event, without the fear of outsiders interfering with the event experience.

4. Culinary Excellence
Nobility required only the finest of chefs to prepare their meals. Scandinavia is well known for their culinary skills, which are expressed in artistic ways that knock out all your senses with pure joy. The team of chefs at the castle are handpicked to represent the high-class quality one would expect from a venue of that reputation. Oh, and the wine cellars are probably filled with fine old wine!

Örenäs Castle in Sweden

5. Theme
Castles are filled with historic themes, and often the castles themselves are home to special themes. Renaissance dinners with royal dresses, hunting party lodge gathering, or haunted castle event all make for great starter themes to get the event started.

6. Privately Spacious
With multiple ballrooms for breakout sessions or meetings and a large garden, there is plenty of space to host many different activities to keep the guests engaged while they mingle and network. Long gone are the days you wish the venue had available outdoor space for your creative ideas!

Dragsholm Castle in Denmark