What does it mean to be a DMC-

What does it mean to be a DMC?

What does it mean to be a DMC-

Becoming a Destination Management Company does not happen overnight. It requires strong will, long-term commitment and above all investment. When a client considers a DMC for handling a programme he/she will base his/her criteria on all of the following areas:

♦ Ability to immediately respond to requests with efficiency.
♦ Clear, ”no surprise” itemised quotations with guaranteed rates.
♦ Experience and in-depth knowledge of the destination(s).
♦ Excellent understanding of the incentive or meeting travel mechanisms.
♦ Experience and capabilities of permanent staff.
♦ Creativity, flexibility, and anticipation.
♦ Client references and local reputation.
♦ Financial stability.

With over 30 years of experience doing MICE business, Hadler DMC Scandinavia is one of the leading players, if you are looking at doing business across multiple Scandinavian destinations. Hadler DMC Scandinavia is the first accredited DMC in Europe, and the only accredited DMC in all of Scandinavia. The combination of hands-on experience and new generation’s creative minds creates a team with the best of all worlds.

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