What is a DMC – Destination Management Company?


What is a DMC – Destination Management Company?

A DMC is a Destination Management Company, with comprehensive local knowledge & expertise that offer a wide variety of services like accommodation, transportation, tours, activities, conferences, incentives, dining, galas, themed events, corporate events and much more. A DMC provides all types of out-of-town event programming, from small VIP incentives to large congress ground logistics. Due to the DMC’s expertise and knowledge about the local area, they understand the cultural setting and expectations and make sure that the events and trips take place in the best parts of the destination to provide an exceptional experience for the guests.

What are the benefits of using a DMC?

There are several benefits of partnering with a local DMC. First, time is money, and by using a DMC, you can drastically cut down on the time spent on research, vetting, communicating, planning, and contracting all the hundreds of suppliers you might contact or need for your event. Since the DMC works with a selection of suppliers several times a year, they are constantly checking the quality and service level of their suppliers. This leaves you more time to work on the important things that create value for your company or clients.
Second, a DMC uses the services of several suppliers many times a year, enabling you to also make use of the DMC’s discounts they receive through their yearly volume.
Third, you get speciality access to several venues and vendors, which you normally would not be able to find through online search engines. This widens the possibilities to create events, meetings or conferences out of the ordinary.
With an emphasis on being service-minded and offering all their expertise on a professional level, a DMC’s aim is to make sure that the travellers worry less and do not have to think about all the practical things. This means, that the benefits that a DMC are worth a lot if you are serious about your event.

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Who hires a DMC?

Event Bureaus, Incentive Agencies, Event Planners, direct corporate clients – basically anyone with a request that includes either few or many elements. Furthermore, when reaching out to a DMC for them to help with professional services, you will only need one key contact throughout the entire process. This means, that a DMC will be providing the services and planning of the entire event, from months before the event, until the happy departure at the airport.

Should I use an Accredited DMC?

If you are serious about your event, then the answer is yes! An Accredited DMC is vetted yearly on several strict criteria’s such as:
• comprehensive insurance that protects its clients during the event
• operate ethically and in compliance within the law
• financially stable
• minimum 5 years of DMC experience in the destination
This guarantees you the safety of your work, and that you are working together with a DMC that are ready to take care of your guests and deliver them memorable moments from the very first handshake.

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