Why hiring a dmc matter

Why Hiring a DMC Matter

Why hiring a dmc matterYou are a busy professional, determined at delivering top quality events for your clients. The problem is, the larger the project, the more you need another YOU! So where can you find professionals, who think, act, and move like you?

With increasing amounts of online information, it seems easier and cheaper for corporate companies and event planners to arrange their own events. It seems like an easy decision, appointing marketing or in-house event manager to arrange the next incentive. The smart decision is to collaborate with the local Destination Management Company (DMC), to handle and arrange your next big event.
While we could talk for days about why DMC matters, it is quite simple:

1.    It saves time

Time is money, and planning, research, crunching information is time-consuming. A DMC can help you cut down the hours in the budget, by helping you find only the information, which is relevant to your event’s goals and objectives. Then you can focus your time on the important matters!

2.    Local knowledge

A DMC has extensive local knowledge, expertise and resources, to help you speed up the whole process. This requires you to spend less time designing a program, which has the highest impact on participants and objectives.

3.    Simple is Better

Having one point of contact and payment keeps all communication through one channel. Communication can be lost in translation between cultures, lead to misunderstanding and in the end an emergency on the day of the event. The DMC knows the best vendors, and continue to stay informed of the latest trends.

4.    Expertise

The DMC handles customized incentives, events, and activities daily, and are the experts in knowing what can be done, and how it should be done. Efficient and effective. By using the experts, you avoid missing key information, which could cause important elements of your events to be unfeasible or outright dangerous. It makes the event overall safer for you, your client, and the guests.

5.    Clear Communication

Local language plays a huge role in communication. A request in English to non-native English speaker can sometimes be misinterpreted. With a DMC you will be communication with professionals, who understand the meaning of cultural differences. Your DMC understands your needs and thoughts and will be much more capable of persuading or pushing suppliers.

6.    Increased Buying Power

Where you might only be a one-time buyer, the DMC will have done extensive business with its vendors throughout the years. With a DMC you increase your buying power, giving you more bang for your money, thus allowing for upgrading services or adding new content to the program.

7.    Risk Management

Companies cannot afford to select a vendor, who is either uninsured, without the right permits and certifications, or delivers an expensive product/service with poor quality. A DMC vets its vendors, to guarantee the quality and safety of the services offered.
By choosing to work together with a DMC, you are not only enhancing the quality of the event, you are also showing your client or boss, you are thinking about the cost-effectiveness of the project.
DMCs often belong to the Association of Destination Management Executives International (ADMEI), which establishes DMC standards, best practices, and education. If you are looking for a DMC, the ADMEI manages a directory of all its members by region, which provides a great place to start your search. The DMCs listed in the ADMEI directory all meet the association’s membership criteria which includes requirements for the services the DMC provides as well as other important requirements like carrying an adequate level general liability insurance. See more at www.admei.org.

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