Hobart Foster

The adventure trip is a pleasant alternative to the survival trip. As the word implies our focus is on adventure and great experiences rather than on survival. The tinned food has been replaced by tender steaks, and the rough activities swapped for something where all can join in and have fun.

There is, however, no shortage of challenges for the participants. The employees of Hobart Foster`s Danish unit realized this during a two-day adventure trip to southern Sweden. This was a trip where different elements from the participants` everyday-life were turned into exciting challenges and everyday-roles were turned upside-down.

Adventure trip

The trip was a reward given to the employees of the international kitchen-utilities company because of a particularly good performance. In a very short space of time they had achieved extraordinarily good results. “We made things happen by working together – and the result was better than good. That is why I thought my employees deserved proper recognition in the shape of an exciting experience together, which would put the everyday routines into a different kind of perspective altogether” says the Danish General Manager of Hobart Foster, Henrik Skov Rasmussen.

Wilderness life - luxury edition

The small group was taken to a breathtaking landscape in southern Sweden, where moors, cliffs, and forests set the frame to two days of ‘wilderness life”. The trip, which had elements of both teambuilding and incentives presented different challenges where the group`s cooperation abilities were tested. Amongst the challenges, they had to build an entire camp with its own kitchen and toilet-facilities: a task, which gave the participants plenty of opportunity to test themselves and each other in unaccustomed situation.

Fortunately there was plenty of space for pampering too during the wilderness activities, which were ‘garnished` with a delicious three course meal outdoors and a night in a luxury tent!

In other words, the Hobart Foster employees had a trip with good times and exciting experiences in unfamiliar territory. Henrik Rasmussen points out that the many hours spent in each other’s company also gave plenty of valuable knowledge to bring home in the rucksack. “The trip confirmed to us that we are a strong team that never gives up! But the 48 hours also moved us closer to each other and created a special bond between us” he says – and adds that the group was still speaking in ‘adventure-trip` jargon several months after the trip.

According to the Danish General Manager, the adventure trip is ideal if you want a group to get to know each other well in a short time and to improve their skills of cooperation and communication. “We got to see other sides of each other than we are used to – both the good sides and those that were less so…. And we learned that our communication could be improved at certain times“, Henrik Skov Rasmussen finishes.