7 qualities every great event planner should possess

7 qualities every great event planner should possess

Keeping your skills up to date is always mandatory in order to be on top of the game. If you are an event planner, looking to develop your skills, look no further. Here are 7 qualities that will help you become not just a better event planner, but a great event planner!


A keen eye for details

When planning an event, nothing is more crucial than having a keen eye for details. Planners are expected to remember loads of information such as dates, times, locations, seating arrangements, as well as confirming that all the client’s requests have been properly been taken care of before an event. Attention to detail is a huge part of an event planners work. Having attention to detail ensures you that everything from top to bottom is properly organized, and that the event will not end up in chaos and stress. However, with the growing IT sector, new technology could help you organize, retrieve and share details in a matter of seconds. Related post: How to become a master of details


Embracing future technology

Technology is constantly and rapidly evolving and changing, ergo being in touch with new trends can be key ease your workload. Technology can help you get your work done faster, more efficiently and more organized, which in the end can make you an exceptional and happier event planner. Social Media is also constantly evolving, and what were new and hip yesterday, might be old and outdated tomorrow. Making sure you recognize your audience and their media trends, can give you an edge over your competitors. Related post: How to embrace future technology


Be Creative – Be Different

The key to success is the ability to do things differently, to do things new ways you need to be creative and innovative. Are you the kind of person who enjoy solving problems creatively, who wants to make every event unique and special, or who is not afraid of doing something new, then you are destined to become a successful event planner. Your ability to improvise, and your flexibility is what will make you stand out from the crowd. Related post: How to be creative


People Skills is my middle name

As an event planner you are going to talk to lots of people, a lot! You are the liaises between vendors, clients and suppliers, therefore a key component, to becoming a successful event planner, is being able to give clear and precise communication and understand what the client wish to achieve in the end. You are going to be social, and build a network of professionals, who can help you out, when problems outside of your expertise arise. In the end, knowledge and charisma are going to help you win a client. Related post: People Skills Are Essential To A Succesful Event Planner


Self-motivation behind the desk

Hollywood has painted a glamorous picture of event planners traveling constantly to exotic locations. The reality is, you are sitting at your desk from 9-17, responding to requests for event proposals, calling venues, hotels, and restaurants asking if they have available dates and satisfying rates. Self-motivation is the answer. It will keep you from going insane with mundane tasks, and will guarantee that you are not slowly killing your mood and creativity, when sitting in front of a screen 8 hours a day. Related post: Motivation Creates the Best Event Planners


Procrastination? Not on my time!

Event planners must have excellent time management. Between the mountains of details, you need to remember, the various people you have to communicate with before an event, and other tasks you are assigned, you will have no time to procrastinate. Remember your schedule for an event start at least 6 months prior to the event, therefore if you are the kind of person, who does every task at the last minute, you are not going to achieve much success. Multitasking is an essential process, when working as an event manager, as you are going to switch your attention back and forth between different assignments. The event industry is stressful, so make sure you use every available option you got, to make your workload easier to overcome. Related post: Event Planner’s Tips for Productive Multitasking


Cool, Calm and Collected

The catering cannot deliver because the staff is sick, the hotel went up in flames the night before the event, and the bus is one hour late. It is called Murphy’s Law: “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” It is essential that you as an event planner is able to remain calm during high pressure situations, where everybody wants your attention, and everything is going down south. You are expected to be able to multitask and thrive under pressure. Learn to create breathing room, and use your creativity or your network to find solutions. Being agitated only leads to your client and the event being affected negatively. So how do you stay calm? Study your material as hard as possible. By knowing the atmosphere of the venues, hotels or restaurants, you can offer your client a tailored program that exactly fits their wants. Related post: Professional event managers are cool and calm under pressure



Being an event planner is a fun, different and rewarding career, but it also has its drawbacks. In the end if you are passionate, social, willing build your knowledge and can find a way to make the workload to go smoothly, then event planner might be the right career choice for you.

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