Peltor’s Swedish marketing co-ordinator chose Hadler DMC as organizer of both accommodations and experiences for the 20 participants:  ”I knew Hadler DMC from a commercial calendar, I`d received earlier this year. Their services looked quite interesting so I thought that I’d like to learn more about what they had to offer”, says Kajsa Mollby-Johansson, who was Peltor’s driving force in the event.

Denmark in the summer

The idyllic North Zealand coastal town Gilleleje, formed the scene for a big, Nordic kick-off for the company Peltor – one of the world’s largest producers of communication and security equipment.

Challenging and fun teambuilding

It is always a bit of a gamble to contract with a supplier you have no knowledge about what so ever. You’re anxious that it must be top quality and that everything will turn out exactly right,” says Kajsa Mollby-Johansson, who regards mutual trust in supplier relationships as a must: ”It is extremely important that you have a contact person who listens and is available when you cannot be on the spot yourself, and you have no idea how the conditions are going to be. Bent Hadler knew immediately what we wanted and seemed very trustworthy, so I was perfectly confident that I could leave the planning to his staff” says Kajsa Mollby-Johansson, who selected Gilleleje for the kick-off.

We chose Gilleleje without really knowing anything about the town – quite out of the blue as we say – and Hadler DMC chose the perfect place for both accommodation and conference. It was exactly what we were looking for – fine cottages with plenty of room, good facilities for the conference, fine food, exciting activities and friendly personnel”, exclaims a pleased Kajsa Mollby-Johansson.

The program included i.e. axe throwing in the wood nearby and a number of other teambuilding and joint activities such as a fishing trip, golf tournament and a visit to the old, Danish castle, Kronborg, which Shakespeare’s Hamlet made world famous.

The objective with the trip was first and foremost to give our salesmen a good and pleasant experience. So – even though we had professional elements in the program – it was more fun than work. Everything was top class and the various teambuilding activities were great fun. They were both challenging and mixed to have something for everyone”, says Kajsa Mollby-Johansson, who evaluates the arrangement a great success:

Peltor’s Swedish marketing coordinator concludes: “We were very happy about the adventures we experienced with Hadler DMC and we will gladly recommend them to anyone”.