First CITP in Scandinavia

We are really proud of our CEO Bent Hadler who has passed another exam and can now proudly call himself a Certified Incentive Travel Professional.

This exam doesn’t come easy, but thanks to the many challenges given by our customers over the last +40 years Bent has gained both knowledge and success.

But why are certifications so important? Read the post ‘Certifications – A New Standard’ here.

”I was interviewed by SITE about the fact that I as a seasoned and experienced person still went for the new exam – CITP, and why that was. In this world where everything is changing faster than most people can understand, it’s to me imperative being on top of the latest trends and developments. And I also feel that’ it is important to be leading the way for my staff by showing that if I can do it – they can too.”
Bent Hadler, President and CEO