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Glamourous Camping – Denmark

Camping in style Glamourous Camping, or Glamping, is the concept of camping without the hassle of work or dirt. We combine the luxuries of a home, with the beauty and extraordinary elements of nature. We built a bridge between the people who don’t want it rough, with the fun hassle-free experiences nature has to offer. …


Top 6 reasons to have your next event in a Scandinavian castle

Host your event in the history and homes of the Scandinavian Royal and Noble families, past and present, and create a memorable moment for your attendees that leaves a great lasting impression. Here are six top reasons, why you should consider castles for your next great event. 1. HistoryScandinavia has some of the most impressive …


Luxurious and Unusual Hotels in Scandinavia

  When travelling the world, all standard hotels will largely look the same, offer the same and feel the same. This is why we, at Hadler DMC Scandinavia, have gathered a shortlist of a few unique, creative, inspirational, and unusual luxury hotels from our destinations. Denmark Located in one of Copenhagen’s famous Tivoli Gardens, lies …


Hel’yeah to Finland

Destination Finland Pure Moments in Scenic Surroundings Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter – no matter the season, Finland always finds ways to impress its guests. Covered by 70% forest, it offers some of the purest air in the world. The feeling of peace and relaxation rushes through your veins, as the untouched scenic views of natures’ …


Sharp Contrasts Meet in Iceland

Sharp Contrasts Meet on Iceland Iceland, “The Land of Fire and Ice”, formed only 25 million years ago, is one of the youngest landmasses on the planet. Iceland is a land where extremes meet all year around. Iceland is a country of sharp contrasts. Active volcanoes, raging rivers and waterfalls, colossal glaciers and simmering hot …


Adrenaline in Copenhagen

CLIMB, JUMP, FLY & SWIM IN COPENHAGEN! Copenhagen offers exciting and thrilling activities in the city and its surroundings, so whether you are looking for an adrenaline kick, a fun and playful day or just an experience out of the ordinary, there is plenty of opportunities here. High roping forest Climb the outdoor high roping course filled with …


Europe’s Best Kept Secret

The Faroe Islands – Europe’s Hidden Gem Although small and remote, the Faroe Islands are packed with unique and authentic adventures for every kind of visitor. The setting is a colourful and truly stunning place. The Faroese nature is very real, always challenging you to explore it by sea or land. Just be ready to …


The Meetings Space in Cool Copenhagen

Flying acrobats, floating pork, and sky-high expectations. Copenhagen raises the bar for yet another event, as The Meetings Space held its annual spring forum in the capital of Denmark. Over 80 most influential buyers and 130 suppliers met in Copenhagen for The Meetings Space’s 8th MICE business forum. The purpose of the forum is to …


New local offices

New Local Offices In All the Nordic Countries A growing economy and the increased awareness towards reliability and safety, causes Hadler DMC Scandinavia to open new local offices in three of their seven destinations. “Strike while the iron is hot” In recent years, the MICE industry has seen an increase of corporate clients, who wish …


Finnish Lapland – Above the Ordinary

Finnish Lapland – Above the Ordinary Home to Santa Claus and his reindeer, the Finnish Lapland captures the essence of a true fairytale Winter Wonderland. Enjoy the taste of reindeer, with the fat-free, healthy and savory taste, ride with the sled dogs into the night and see the most beautiful sight nature can offer mankind …

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