How do you find the perfect accommodation for 70 guests when you don`t really know the city? Jane Carlsson, Sales Consultant at the Norwegian coach operator, Sporveisbussene, has no doubts about the answer: “Choose a local partner you can trust”!

Instead of embarking on a time consuming research for suitable, vacant hotels she chose to contact Hadler DMC – not a random choice as Jane Carlsson has co-operated with Bent Hadler, Managing Director and founder of Hadler DMC, for more than 10 years.

Satisfied customers

I am completely confident that I can trust the job to Hadler DMC, for I always know that the delivery will be in order – and that my customers will be satisfied”, says Sales Consultant Jane Carlsson.

Professional cooperation

“Our fine personal relations mean a lot to me and I very much appreciate the professional co-operation and contact Bent and I have maintained over the years. Therefore, it came natural to me to contact his company, as they possess a thorough local knowledge of Copenhagen – they always know which hotels match the customers’ wishes perfectly”, says Jane Carlsson.

Even though the co-operation grew from personal relations, it is Jane Carlsson`s opinion that the great service provided by Hadler DMC reaches far beyond that:

Trust and security in co-operation
“I know Bent Hadler as a genuine professional and he is flexible and easy to work with. However, should he not be in the office, one of his employees will always be there to take care of my inquiry. They are all very qualified, professional and kind”, Sporveisbussenes Sales Consultant emphasizes, highly appreciating the trust and security she enjoys in the co-operation: