Bent Hadler DMCP CIS

CEO & President

From beginning to the end the cooperation has to be based on trust, experience, and success – this creates the service; our product. Service is what we sell and your service comes first.

Hans Nis-Hanssen

Business Development Manager Europe

Excellent customer service is the ability to deliver high quality services that listen, respect values and privacy, provide the right product at the right time and consistently puts all our customers at the heart of what we do.

Vessy Sharankova

Country Manager Denmark - Project Team Manager U.S. & Canada

Good service for me is to work with the clients in an efficient, friendly way and having the ability to read their expectations and surprise them with an even better result. Knowledge of the products offered is a must.

Ani Begka

Project Team Manager EMEA

Good Service is giving customers a personalised experience when they need it, so as to build trust and loyalty.

Lone Bøgh

Key Account Manager Norden

Good service to me is being forthcoming, polite, helpful, positive and smiling. I encourage my colleagues to do their best.

Claudia Szubryt

Project Manager

Good customer service is about going beyond what is expected of you. You take that extra step to make customers feel that you understand what they are going through, and you want this to be the best experience they have ever had.

Irina Galimova CIS

Project Manager

Customer satisfaction is getting to know your customer, paying attention the little details and delivering beyond expectations.

Katalin Simiglai

Project Manager

I value fast response, keeping the client updated while keeping replies professional and friendly. I always do my best to fulfil the unknown needs of the clients. Customers opinion of your company is a result of your commitment.

Leif Leganger

Country Manager - Sweden

My definition of good service is to listen carefully to the client and deliver what is promised and expected. We also take great pride in looking after our guests as we see them as a part of the greater Hadler DMC family whilst visiting us.

Ágúst Elvar Bjarnason

Country Manager Iceland

A good service is a combination of personal communication, flexibility and the willingness to go the extra mile for your client. These traits combined with transparency, reliability and honesty towards clients are the foundation of building an excellent lasting relationships with your clients

Maria Samson Christensen

Country Manager Faroe Islands

Good service to me is to pay attention to the client, listen to their needs and to give them more than they expect – a lifetime memory.

Jyrki Nilson

Country Manager Finland

I always treat customers with a friendly attitude, answer their questions professionally and offer solutions for any problems the customer may face.

Daniel Ahlefeldt-Laurvig

Event Coordinator Trainee

Great customer service is like a love relationship. It requires communication, compromises, trust and a lot of work - and it begins and ends with a smile.

Line Kjær Andersen

Event Coordinator Trainee