Sweden offers a wide range of travel experiences.  The mix of contemporary innovation & design versus history, culture and traditions makes Sweden a pond of exciting experiences.

The capital, Stockholm, is a dazzling mix of intact medieval architecture and fine modern design. It’s built on 14 islands, linked by bridges and ferries so there is always water in view. Stockholm, Sweden’s trend-setting capital is a heartbreakingly beautiful city that offers modern and sustainable meeting and incentives venues, congress centers and hotels.

Stunning combinations

World class meeting and conference infrastructure
Contemporary innovation and design
History, culture and traditions
Breathtaking Stockholm archipelago

Perfect for meetings

Stockholm is an ideal destination for smaller meetings as well as large conventions. Stockholm has a highly advanced infrastructure with excellent transport facilities. One of Europe’s largest and most modern congress and exhibition centers, with a capacity of 25,000 delegates, is only nine minutes from the city center. There are 5,000 hotel rooms within a ten-minute walk of the Central Station and more than 30,000 rooms in the Greater Stockholm area. And Stockholm is still growing!

Extracurricular activities

With its clean environment, clean water, clean air, and low levels of noise pollution, Stockholm is the perfect place for extracurricular activities. The city and the unique archipelago surrounding it offer opportunities for activities including kayaking, fishing, biking, skiing, running, swimming, and walking.