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Scandinavian Rice Porridge

SCANDINAVIAN RICE PUDDING 2-4 people  Preparation time: 40 minutes Scandinavian titles: Risengroed (Danish), Risengrynsgrøt (Norwegian), Risgrynsgröt (Swedish), Grjónagrautur (Icelandic), Riisipuuro (Finnish) Cuisine: Scandinavian Ingredients: 2.25 dl (1 cup) short-grained white rice (pudding rice) 1 dl (1/2 cup) water 1 litre (4.25 cups) milk 1 tsp salt Cinnamon Sugar 4 tbsp sugar 1 tbsp cinnamon Instructions: Step 1: Pour …


Incentive 102: The How (to build a Great Incentive Travel Program)

Incentive travel works – if you are doing it right. For successful planning of an incentive program, the heavy lifting is not just done on-site. It is done months ahead of the arrival day. Here are 5 tips for how to build your next incentive travel program. According to a study by the Incentive Research Foundation, properly …


Incentive 101: The Why

Do your employees see their workplace as nothing more than a monthly paycheck, and are you struggling to reach certain goals? Perhaps what you need is an incentive for your employees to work more effective and efficient to meet a common goal, while creating a healthy corporate culture. The coming weeks we want to talk …


Why Hiring a DMC Matter

You are a busy professional, determined at delivering top quality events for your clients. The problem is, the larger the project, the more you need another YOU! So where can you find professionals, who think, act, and move like you? With increasing amounts of online information, it seems easier and cheaper for corporate companies and …


Luxurious and Unusual Hotels in Scandinavia

  When travelling the world, all standard hotels will largely look the same, offer the same and feel the same. This is why we, at Hadler DMC Scandinavia, have gathered a shortlist of a few unique, creative, inspirational, and unusual luxury hotels from our destinations. Denmark Located in one of Copenhagen’s famous Tivoli Gardens, lies …


What is Your Why

What is Your Why? Ever wondered why Apple is such a success compared to other computer companies? After all, Apple is just another computer company. How ever, there’s one thing that Apple do completely opposite of all other computer companies, and by applying this one little thing, you can achieve great personal success as well as success in your business. …


White Guide Nordic 2017

The White Guide has been the leading restaurant guide in Sweden since 2005 and was launched in Denmark in early 2014. These guides cover over 900 restaurants in the two countries, promoting continuous development in the world of gastronomy in this dynamic region. Below you will find the Top30 restaurants from the Nordic Countries. Here …


The Meetings Space in Cool Copenhagen

Flying acrobats, floating pork, and sky-high expectations. Copenhagen raises the bar for yet another event, as The Meetings Space held its annual spring forum in the capital of Denmark. Over 80 most influential buyers and 130 suppliers met in Copenhagen for The Meetings Space’s 8th MICE business forum. The purpose of the forum is to …


Professional event managers are cool and calm under pressure

Are you a professional event manager? Then you must be cool and calm under pressure The greatest event managers have a steady hand and a clear mind when everyone around them panics. A few important rules can improve the way you act and the way you are perceived as a professional event manager. Are you …


Event Planner’s Tips for Productive Multitasking

Event Planner’s Tips for Productive Multitasking Multitasking is synonymous with event planning. Just the act of planning requires event planners to focus on multiple assignments, sources of information, deals, deadlines and so much more. The key to continuous success lies in the ability not so much in the ability to multitask – but to do …

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