Work Faster And Smarter As An Event Planner With Technology


Why is technology important for an event planner? Being tech savvy will give many benefits, from faster and smarter ways of working, to convenience when traveling around for events. Do you know what to look for?

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Real event planners use technology every day. Therefore, it is important to know, how to use it efficiently and effectively as possible. Since few of us have a bottomless pit of money, picking and choosing the areas where you need assistance is half the battle. Here are a few areas where proper tools for the business is important.

  • Time management – Project management tools are important to schedule tasks and deadlines. Many tools allow you to collaborate with the team, making it easier to manage tasks and stay on deadline. We previously mentioned Trello, which can help you set up projects and due dates. Great for planning ahead of time.
  • Budget – As an event planner, keeping the costs within the clients’ budget is crucial, but also keeping your own finances in check is important. A budget tool will help you set up neat calculations and prevent you from overspending. For example, inDinero is designed to give users the tools and financial savvy they need to make smart business decisions so they can get back to making great events.
  • Data – Information is the holy grail of our age. While easy to obtain, it can be hell to manage properly without the right software. With a good software, you can serve clients and suppliers much faster and make your job 100 times easier. A good software should be able to compile, sort, manage, extract, and utilize information. WebCRM is an example of a system that manages your customer and supplier data.

Once you have identified areas where you lack tech tools, you can move on to finding the right service provider for you. There are hundreds of solutions out there. Start by narrowing down providers and have them call you to tell how they can help your business. Follow these few points before shopping for your needs.

  • Friendly with other solutions – One size does not fit all. You will have more than one solution, so having solutions that can move data from one solution to another, can make the workflow flawless and stress-free. Ask if their solution can work together with yours, or if they can make them work together.
  • Innovation – A provider who continues to work on their product through innovation and customer needs, will always have a better product. Find a provider who routinely updates their solution with new features.
  • Support and accessibility – If you are working events, you will need to access the solution from anywhere. Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Find a provider who does 24/7 support, so you can get help when your software is acting up. Fast support is not to be underestimated.
  • Easy to use – The solution should be simple to use. Who wants to use months to learn, how to use a time managing system. Make sure that the interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Get a free trial to test the system before making any final decisions.
  • Safety – Safety above all else. Choose a provider who meets compliance standards for safekeeping of sensitive data. You do not want to risk losing or leaking company secrets or personal data.

Technology is as important for serious event planners, as a GPS to a truck driver. Have a strategy when looking for a provider for your organization and events. Do not just pick the first result on Google. Research and find a provider who meets your requirements. Negotiate with the chosen providers and make sure you get the most “bang” for your money. Go over budget if you can see it will pay off in the long run.


Gadgets for the traveling planner

If you are traveling a lot, gadgets can make the trip much more enjoyable, and your work more efficient. Julius Solaris, the editor of, has composed a list of travel gadgets he could not live without when traveling. We have chosen the two most interesting gadgets, besides smartphones and tablets, which we think any event planner should own. You can find the rest on the EventManagerBlog.

  1. Tile – This wonderful little brick, offers its users a fantastic way to keep track of different objects. Attach to your keys, put it in your purse or stick it to your laptop. With the Tile mobile app, you can easily find misplaced or lost objects. It should be a key item for any event planner, especially those who often forget, where they placed their keys or briefcase. Find out more about the Tile here.
  1. Power bank – You are on the road constantly and do not have time to charge up your smartphone. A power bank is the best investment for the busy event planner. It allows you to store energy on it, which later can be transferred to the mobile while in transit. There are tons of different power banks, but PC Advisor has tested and listed the 20 best power banks available. The review can be found here.

What kind of software and IT products are you using? Should you update your software to fit new needs and trends? Always be on the lookout for new solutions. There might be products that can ease your workflow, giving you time to become an even better event planner!