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19 sustainable activities in Scandinavia

There are many reasons for bringing your next meeting, incentive, conference or event to Scandinavia. One of these reasons is the many possibilities for sustainable activities in Scandinavia. Related post: 4 MICE trends in 2020 Denmark is a great place for sustainable activities. Some of the best examples are: Bike/Electric tour – sustainable way to […]

4 MICE Trends in 2020

The MICE industry is constantly changing and so are the trends. Following the MICE trends will not only allow you to stay on top of the game but also make your events unique. Luckily, working with hundreds of clients from all over the world allows us to constantly monitor the tendencies, so if you are […]

Iceland – The place to be

Land of Fire and Ice Iceland is the home of extreme and breathtaking geological, stark contrasts and landscapes. It is the land known as the “Land of Fire and Ice” due to its glaciers which are some of the largest in Europe combined with the world’s most active volcanoes with striking visuals. Iceland is also […]

An invitation to Scandinavia – and why you should visit!

Outdoors/Seasons What really makes Scandinavia stand out is the outdoors and the seasons which are rarely greater anywhere else than in Europe’s big northern countries. The huge expanse and many options in the wilderness make you want to see more of these countries. Whether you want to see lakes, forests, hiking spots, mountains, volcanoes, etc. […]

Exploring Aarhus

Why you should explore the hidden gem Aarhus, also known as the second biggest city in Denmark after Copenhagen! The city of Aarhus which can be found at the island known as Jutland started developing back in the 8th-century as a Viking settlement. But what the city has succeeded in doing throughout time is creating […]

Europe’s first underwater restaurant opens in Norway

The first underwater restaurant in Europe, called Under, is placed beneath the icy waters of the North Atlantic in Lindesnes, Norway. There are already under-water restaurants around the world, however, this one will be different from the rest because of its aim to portray the uniqueness of the northern waters and it is poised to […]