Teambuilding - Unforgettable experiences

Do you have a team in need of a good shake-up and improvement of co-operation? Or do you want this year’s company trip to be an unusual experience?

Hadler DMC is one of the most experienced organizers of teambuilding activities in the market. We arrange the demanding ’survival trip’ that truly challenge the participants both physically and mentally – as well as the nice and enjoyable soft-teambuilding experience for everyone.

The activities comprise anything from rock climbing, river rafting and handling of reptiles to gladiator fights, cooking lessons or the occasional murder that must be solved. Regardless of the agenda we guarantee that the participants are in for an unforgettable treat.

We agree with you about contents, duration and complexity, making sure that all experiences and challenges are meticulously matched to purpose and group.

All our activities are safe and secure and the exiting program is thoroughly planned. You will never have to worry about your guests’ safety with us.



We give you

A broad range of activities – cultural, educational or just plain fun
Customized teambuilding to fit specifically your group
Professional and experienced organizers
Focus on saftey
Unique experiences of a litetime


Activities for all

When planning a teambuilding activity we can make it physically challenging or we can create soft-teambuilding activities – or a bit of both. All groups are different and regardless whether you choose an active or stationary activity it will be customized to specifically your group.