Hadler DMC represented by TravelMarketing in Benelux area


Hadler DMC represented by TravelMarketing in Benelux area

Kisa van den Berg & Sigrid Scheffer, Managing Partners TravelMarketing

Hadler DMC represented by TravelMarketing in Benelux area

Open a bottle of Danish Schnapps, wave the flags of Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Denmark. The start of a new year, promises a start of new adventures and friendships. Starting the January 1st, 2017, Hadler DMC has paired with TravelMarketing, a leading network based in Amsterdam, to market the Scandinavian countries as a MICE destination towards clients in Benelux.

“Hadler DMC is a leading, boutique DMC in Scandinavia with own offices in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden providing the best local expertise. The company is managed by the characteristic Bent Hadler and throughout the years they built their household name within the tourism industry. Their dedicated MICE team is friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. They offer creative, tailor-made solutions for every corporate request, big or small, with a high level of personal service. You can rest your mind assure that you found the right local partner in Scandinavia.” – Kisa van den Berg & Sigrid Scheffer, Managing Partners TravelMarketing

Hadler DMC Scandinavia has over 30 years of experience in Scandinavia. We like to describe ourselves as a ’boutique DMC’ – meaning that we are a small group of dedicated staff, motivated to provide good and professional service. By being a small company, we can move fast and everyone can quickly take action on any itinerary. To ensure a high and consistent quality of our services, we have handpicked a number of restaurants, hotels, and operators, which we keep evaluating.

Our project managers and other staff all have industry experience and relevant educational backgrounds to ensure the quality of work that we want. We continuously strive to improve and renew our services. International networks, educational institutions, and the general travel industry are some of our sources of inspiration. Therefore, you can rely on us to be up to date with the latest news, trends, and happenings.

“We have had the joy to test the relationship with Kisa and Sigrid from TravelMarketing the last couple of years. Them exclusively representing us and Scandinavia in the Benelux area was, therefore, a no-brainer. Their professional commitment to finding the right destination to match the client’s goals results in a perfect set of clients knowing what they want. With their talent to spot healthy, trusted buyers, and our knowledge and expertise to deliver programs packed with experiences, we are ready to make 2017 another great year for clients coming to Scandinavia.” – Bent Hadler, DMCP, CIS, CEO and President of Hadler DMC